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Rotoscope in Adobe PhotoShop

You will need access to Adobe Photoshop to follow along with this post.

I was recently learning about the history of rotoscoping which was invented in 1915 by Max Fleischer. It is the process of drawing over real life video to create lifelike animations.

It is a very long process but it can be a very fun process. Today I'm going to show you how to begin your journey in rotoscoping and I will complete a 2 second video which contains more than 60 individual frames. I will try to attempt to slow-mo the finished product so you can enjoy the animations that were made. You can find free videos on pexel to use, or create your own.

  • Open up Photoshop

  • Start a New Project

  • Select "Film/Video"

  • Under Window click "timeline"

  • Under Layer click "New Video Layer from File"

  • Insert video from your desktop

  • Under Layer click "New Blank Video" this will be the layer that you animate from.

  • At the very bottom of your timeline screen, there is a sliding bar with mountains, if you click that sliding bar all the way to the right, you will be able to view each individual frame. Each frame will be where you add your artwork.

Time to start your creation!

This next video is rather long, but you can see as I create new drawings in each frame.

Once you have the designs where you are happy with them, you can play it back to make sure you aren't missing a frame. Then you'll want to render the video by clicking the little arrow at the bottom of the timeline screen.

At this point you can rename your video and the click render, once it is rendered make sure to go back to file and save.

And then enjoy the animated video you made!

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