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Iconic Faces

I have started a series I call "Iconic Faces". They are the faces that helped shape society as it is today, whether historical figures, actors, musicians, political figures or the everyday person, this series is teaching me much about being free with how I perceive color and form.

Marilyn Monroe, a life cut short.
11" x 18"

Marian Anderson

The Daughters of the American Revolution denied Marian Anderson from singing at Constitution Hall in Washington DC.  When Eleanor Roosevelt heard this she organized an event at the Lincoln Memorial on Easter Sunday of 1939.  75,000 people attended the concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to hear the voice of Marian.  



Homage To Frida Kahlo

Why is Frida Kahlo so very inspirational? Was it because she taught us to see beauty differently? Was it because she overcame her ailments by creating her own and unique artistic style? Or was it because she was not afraid to seek freedom from opression and inequality in a world so dominated by men? However she sparks inspiration in you, I know she has been a significant iconic face in my life.  It seemed fitting that her face started my floral iconic face series.

Matted Opening 20"x20"

Frame 24"x24"x1"

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