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Digital Media Exploration

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

In my mixed media series, I created 2 pieces of inspired Mexican folk art, I wanted to add one more to the series. I opened Procreate on the iPad and started brainstorming ideas. I came up with a folk art horse for the next piece in the series. This short video will show you my sketching process.

I also wanted to see what would happen if I used the pieces i created, cut them out and pasted them to a fabric collaged background. To do this, I first took a photo of the work, I used the lasso tool in Procreate to cut the form out. I found a collage fabric design on the internet (but because my connection was so slow, the image came out pixilated and I did not grab who I got the image from.) I then, created a new layer with the screen shot of collaged fabric and I pasted the bird I created over the collage.

I did not like how busy it looked. I took the background out, added blue paint to the background, cut out my flower pot images and burned the image next to the bird.

I think overall, leaving the pieces as they originally were was the best idea. I was happy to have experimented with digital media before cutting up my pieces.

Safety/Behavior Expectations/Age:

Digital media seems to be a big part of childhood, and I think limiting access based on age will do a disservice to students. Once a student is old enough to understand how to respectfully handle electronics, I think introducing digital media in art class could benefit their creative process. Parental consent would be necessary and age-appropriate applications need to be vetted before introducing them to the class.


With parental consent, if a student has a digital tool that they feel comfortable using allow them to bring it into class to work from it.

Pair students with strong digital skills with students who might need some help using digital tools.

Project Ideas:

  • alter an artwork digitally

  • create a self portrait digital collage

  • create a game to play with friends

Artist Inspirations:

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